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It all started when we were struck with the news of a global pandemic.  In the following weeks, we noticed makeshift emergency shields go up in businesses to protect staff. In our opinion, these provide a good short term solution but look unprofessional and are not built to last. Our shields are professionally constructed. They look bold and will last the test of time in the event of future outbreaks. 


Locally-sourced and handcrafted in Calgary, our aim is to provide businesses with a versatile solution to help keep employees and customers safe from the spread of the virus through close contact transmission. This product is designed to maintain aesthetics in a professional environment without losing quality or protection.

  • Aluminum construction This shield is manufactured from high-quality 6061 aluminum. Locally-sourced, perfectly machined to ensure fit and our finish is next to none.

  • Tempered Glass One feature this shield boasts is a 6mm edged and tempered glass screen. Unlike plexiglass, tempered glass will stand up to repeated cleaning and will not turn yellow from UV exposure. As an added bonus, alcohol-based disinfectants can be used without degradation to the screen, maintaining its integrity for years to come.

  • Welded and Powder Coated Due to the conditions this shield must endure, all posts are machined, welded and powder coated for maximum strength and durability.

  • Specification Standard size options are 36” x 36” and 48” x 36”. Our panels are easily linked for extended angled or linear coverage. Custom sizes available.

  • Mounting Options Screw-down base plate and anchor-less adhesion are available for mounting.

  • Standard Colour Options Our standard colours are matte black and off-white. Custom colours are available upon request.

  • Approximate Shipping Weight 36” 15.21 kg

48” 19.67 kgs

Hardware is included. A comprehensive installation video can be made available upon request.

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